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Create Your 9 to 5 exit plan: Build a Life of Freedom & Fulfilment

Dreaming of launching your side hustle to escape the 9 to 5 job, or overwhelmed by long hours managing your own business? It's time to align your business with your deepest values and ignite your passion with the PACIFIC Pathway.

This framework helps you to: Discover your Purpose to drive your business forward; Adapt to changes with agility; Take Control of your time for a better work-life balance; Make an Impact; Enhance Freedom & Flexibility by building an efficient team; Encourage Innovation to stay competitive; Choose strategies that align with your personal goals and lifestyle.

Step into a life where work adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Click below to download your free workbook and start transforming your workday into your dream day!

About Evelyn

Hola Amiga!

I'm Evelyn

Once a corporate climber, now a full-time mompreneur dedicated to guiding you on your journey.  I’ve walked the path of balancing family, whilst working in my corporate job and having a side hustle. I’ve created this platform to share my journey with you. The idea is to give you insights that have already been tested in the field. Born from experience, these are insights you can apply right away to achieve your dreams without giving up the things you value.

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to scale your business and you're someone who’s simply in search of a supportive community, I’m here to help you define success on your terms.

I’ve experienced the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship, corporate life, and parenthood, and I believe in empowering others to reach for their dreams. I’m not here to brag about my achievements but to share my experiences and the lessons I've learned along the way. I hope that by being open about every success and failure, I can inspire you to believe in your potential. Together, we can achieve phenomenal things.


Welcome to the 'Legacy
Building Mamas Podcast'

Wondering if it's really possible to balance family, career, personal growth, and ambitious dreams? The answer is yes! But it won't be easy.

The Legacy Building Mamas Podcast is here to give you the consistent hits of inspiration you need to keep chipping away at your goals. Each week, we share some of the valuable lessons we've learned on our entrepreneurial journey. I promise you'll always walk away with new strategies you can use to stay focused, motivated, and balanced.

Filled with mompreneur tips and simple strategies for easing your mental load, this podcast is your all-in-one guide to the challenges and rewarding journey of building a successful Business whilst we nurture happy families.


How Can I Help You?



Crack the Mental Load Puzzle!

Take this quick quiz to discover your household’s work balance. Be ready for a few surprises plus some tailored advice to help you ease your mental load.



Manifestation Guide

Learn to shape your reality and manifest your dreams with this easy-to-follow guide. No daydreaming, no pseudoscience – just practical steps you can get started on today.



Gratitude Journal

Use this journal to clarify your desires, release negativity, cultivate a growth mindset, and track your progress. Plant the right seeds, and they'll blossom into reality.




Real advice, real insights, and real honesty (the good and the bad) from a real human.

I love testing new methods in marketing, wellness, finance, entrepreneurship, and everything else related to living a fulfilling life. This is where I drop what I learn in real time. Bookmark the blog page to get free mini-training sessions on mindset, manifestation and Business Development strategies that I promise won’t bore the heck outta ya. You'll also get deets on how I set smart goals and create boundaries, the insights on all my current obsessions, fresh off-the-press digital marketing tips, and behind-the-scenes of my journey to building a fulfilled, impactful and purposeful life.

Success is achievable with the right mindset, support, and tools! 

Explore By Category

Mompreneurship business development

Mompreneurship and
Business Development

We cover the practical aspects of start-up strategizing and business planning.


Mindset and

We delve into the emotional and spiritual journey of entrepreneurship as a mother, offering advice on developing the right mindset for growth and opportunity-seeking.

Mental-load gender roles

Mental Load and
Gender Roles

We address the pressures and subtle sexism women may face, providing advice on navigating gender roles, avoiding burnout, and successfully fulfilling multiple roles in life.

Hola Amiga!

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The Legacy Building Mamas Facebook group is just that kinda place. Here, you’ll be embraced by a nurturing community of women who genuinely listen and provide thoughtful encouragement, helping each other turn the dream of mompreneurship into reality. Settle into the warmth of mutual support and the empowering strength that comes from shared aspirations and collective growth.